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Skinema Review

[ by nicolas stecher ]

Everyone loves to go on and on about how revolutionary Vice magazine was, and yeah, it was ok. But let’s be honest—Vice would never have existed if it weren’t for Big Brother, a skateboard magazine that changed everything for wide-eyed hooligans everywhere. Sure, Vice may have the Gross Jar. But ten years ago, Big Bro taught you how to put raw chicken and milk in a glass jar and hide it in your nemesis’ radiator floorboard, creating a hidden stench so horrible the asshole would be forced to move. The editor of BB was a chap named Chris Nieratko, who also happens to now write the porn reviews in Vice. Skinema is a compendium of these said reviews, in which very little is actually written about porn. Instead, the covers/titles/starlets seem to spark Nieraktko to walk wistfully down memory lane, in which he details such fond moments as witnessing a stripper putting household goods into her orifices for rewards of blow. Or the time he tried to kill his teacher with plant fertilizer. Good times every blue-blooded American boy has had.

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