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[ by kimberly chun ]

As pungent as two-week-old adolescent tighty-whities, as nasty as a grudge match between a frothing mongoose and a wounded rattlesnake, and as downright weird as, well, many an early episode of Jackass, Skinema is a not-so-tender (unless you count the brutalized tissue discussed within) memoir of an ill-spent yet adventuresome youth, masquerading as a collection of porn reviews. Critical arts be damned when it comes to reviewing masterworks like Oops, I Got Gangbanged Again! Instead author, onetime Big Brother bro, and Jackass victimizer-victim Chris Nieratko ekes out some riveting, altogether salty rants and ribald tales of after–Alcoholics Anonymous shenanigans, mischievous stripper pals, quixotic pill popping, and old flames tormented with lit matches lodged in the posterior. In any case, the porn titles gathered in this array of Vice columns are worth the price of admission: Hey, Grandma Is a Whore 8?

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