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Skinema Review

[ by ryan wolf ]

Skinema is probably the best book that I have ever received to review. Granted the other books I got were a hand full of political books from Ak Press were denser reading with more thought involved. No Skinema is way fun to read. Chris Nieratko used to write for Big Brother (the only magazine I would buy as a teenager) and now he does the porno movie reviews for Vice. He also writes for Bizarre, i-D, Paper Maxim, Farmer's Almanac, Skateboarder, Hustler, Vibe, Interview, and XXL. Skinema is a collection of these porn film reviews from Vice. The book is forwarded by Johnny Knoxville (Jackass), the cover is by Terry Richardson (who is doing some really amazing photos of hot people), and Dave Carnie who is my favorite Big Brother writer does the introduction to Skinema. Chris Nieratko rarely writes about the movies that he reviews at all instead he tells stories of doing pills, drinking, doin' chicks and being an asshole. The stories are great and totally funny. I am super excited on this book and my friends who have seen it all enjoy reading it. Make sure to pick up a copy of this great read.


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