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Skinema Review

[ by C'mish ]

Chris is the perfect anti-hero. He drinks, fucks, and write as much crass stuff as he wants and then gets paid for it. But is he a babbling brook? Hell no! He's more like a creek running through the sleaziest parts of America polluted with enough dirt to raise the eyebrows of Larry Flynt, Big Brother, and Vice. In fact, he's the porn reviewer at Vice, and if you've ever read his section, you'll see it has nothing to do with the videos. Instead, every review is like a small piece to a never ending puzzle, which is Chris Nieratko's perverted and adventure-filled life. Overall, he may be brash but his writing is most creative and witty and you will get stuck reading(fans of Bukowski will love this). This book compiles all his reviews to make one helluva concentrated mix. Keep your mom away from this - it's potent stuff.


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