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Author and original "Jackass" crew member Chris Nieratko will be at the Skatepark of Tampa Saturday to promote his new book "Skinema," a collection of rants and reminiscences written under the guise of adult movie reviews for Vice Magazine.

"It's years of self-absorbed, drug-riddled, alcohol-poison-addicted rants about the best subject matter: me, me, me," Nieratko says during a phone interview. "The overall reaction is that it's not what you expect."

Nieratko, with his wife Chris in tow, will host a slide show, story session and book signing. But with this New Jersey skateboard shop owner, anything can happen.

"I may or may not be wearing clothes," he quips. "It's going to be swell."

Instead of giving his thoughts on X-rated movie plots or action, Nieratko writes about his life and loosely relates the events to the film title or packaging. His bombastic declamations cover an array of topics including encounters with porn stars, grown boy antics, childhood memories, drugs and even finding love.

"Its part self-help book and romance novel," he says. "In the end the boy does get the girl, gets married, gets off drugs and occasionally drinks."

Still, there were plenty of years that Nieratko lived in a haze. Nearly a decade ago, he was getting wasted with friends from the skateboarding magazine Big Brother and penning whatever came to mind. When he took over as editor, they started filming gags that caught the attention of MTV. And the rest is "Jackass" history.

"It was us avoiding the topic of skateboarding," he says. "At the time I was high as a kite, and I didn't think much of it."

"Skinema," complete with introduction by Johnny Knoxville, hit stores in June.

"Skinema" Launch Party; 8-11 p.m. Saturday; free admission; Skatepark of Tampa Snack Bar, 4215 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa; (813) 621-6793.


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