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Skinema Review

[ by Brian McManus ]

Chris Nieratko, formerly of Big Brother and Jackass, now writes porn reviews for Vice magazine. Only he doesn’t. Described by Johnny Knoxville as “an asshole” in the foreword of his new book Skinema, Nieratko’s porn reviews, collected within, usually have nothing to do with the XXX jizz-fests he’s supposed to be covering—be it Hey, Grandma Is a Whore 8 or Sluts With Nuts. Instead he tells often personal, often humiliating and always disgusting tales from his own personal life. They also happen to be funny. The booze-soaked and pill-popped Nieratko thinks about things differently than most mortals. For instance, how can mermaids have anal sex when they don’t have buttholes? Elsewhere in Skinema, in an essay titled “How I Bluffed My Way Into Old Porn,” Nieratko describes how he lied his way into a job editing porn magazines like Over 50, Over 60 and Black Inches to fuel a raging coke habit. The book is a fun, depraved romp through the twisted mind of a guy who grows a Hitler mustache every Christmas to help “spread yuletide cheer.” Also, it has pictures of boobies.


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