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From The Paul Mitchell Show (Broadcast Wednesday, June 6th, 2007)

SKINEMA written by Chris Nieratko

"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating). There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who will take a book into the bathroom to read while sitting on the toilet, and those who would never consider doing such a thing. This was the subject of a SEINFELD episode, in fact.

For me, books and bowel movements do not go together. I may be a germaphobe due to my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, though there are likely many non-OCD sufferers who feel the same as I.

I bring this up because if I WERE the kind of person who liked to read in the John (George Costanza being one of those people), the Number One Best Bathroom Book of 2007 would have to be SKINEMA, by Chris Nieratko.

o the uninitiated, the book at first appears to be a collection of porn video reviews. Titles such as ART SCHOOL SLUTS, EVIL PINK 2, and BIG BOOTY MOMS appear over small photos of the DVD box cover art, along with the names of the director and video distribution company. Each film is rated, 10 being best.

For the most part, however, what follows aren't actual reviews. Nieratko may reference the porn's title or actress or subject matter, but generally uses them as jumping-off-points to rattle on with his own eyebrow-raising anecdotes, observations, and myriad tales of misadventure, usually involving sex, drugs, porn, and lots and lots more sex. He writes about buddies, ex-girlfriends, his wife, former employers, as well as total strangers.

The book is a compilation of Nieratko's SKINEMA columns from VICE magazine.

Nieratko communicates with a compulsively readable, devil-may-care openness. He is an amped-up, red-blooded schlemiel -- clever, snarky, politically incorrect, often self-deprecating (and occasionally self-defecating). He's a punk rock version of Woody Allen.

If I attempted to quote a typical passage from the book, due to the language and subject matter I'd be thrown through a plate glass window by the FCC. Suffice it to say, SKINEMA is highly recommended for those who enjoy anecdotes and musings of an entertainingly rambunctious and deviant nature.

On or off the toilet."

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